The Resources

Cadena de Ayuda consists of two houses for students. Both houses are for students who are studying at either a four-year university or a two-year technical university. Students are provided with meals, use of 11 computers between the two houses and each house has a printer, and internet access and a telephone. Advice is available on how to successfully complete a university career. The students however provide the most important ingredient, their desire and perseverance to improve their life by means of a university education.


CASA #22

This house has six bedrooms, a guest bedroom, five and a half baths, kitchen, living room, dining room, computer room, and a small library with technical books, dictionaries, and novels.

CASA #24

The second house, slightly smaller than the first, has one less bedroom and bathroom.

The two houses are located next door to each other in a middle class subdivision of Querétaro and are conveniently located near public transportation, a large grocery store, a drug store, and are a forty-minute walk from the historic center of Querétaro.